Hi! I'm Katie.

I'm a full-stack developer proficient in Javascript, React, React-Native, PHP, Python, Node.js, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Git. I'm a Lambda School graduate, currently working as a Full-Stack Developer at Charter Communications.

Things I love:

coding, learning, traveling, creating, supporting, building/constructing things, spending time with my dog and my husband, music, art, reading, "a-ha" moments, new opportunities/trying new things...

I'm passionate when I find purpose in what I'm doing. And when I'm passionate, I work fiercely. I am looking for have found an opportunity that ignites my inner fire and a place where I feel like the work I do is important.

I have a over 2 years of experience in working remotely with cross-functional teams to learn and master difficult material in a very fast-paced environment. I love having the opportunity to help my team anytime I can, and having good communication not only within teams but between different teams is really important to me. I've also held several Team Lead and other leadership positions and always enjoy the experience of motivating others to do their best, as well as being part of the team.


JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS, SASS/LESS, MaterialUI, Python, PHP, Node.js, React, React Native, Redux, Flutter, Git, Knex.js, Express.js, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Heroku, Netlify, AWS S3, PixiJS

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screenshot of the app MyDish, viewing a recipe and its ingredients


A version control recipe editing app, allowing users to create recipes, edit them, and view all previous versions of their recipes. Built to the specifications of our stakeholder. Written in React Native, and functional on both iOS and Android devices. I worked as a full-stack developer on a remote team of 7 other developers over a period of 8 weeks. I personally focused on global state management (via Redux), using the device camera to take and store a photo (via AWS S3), and setting up the navigation system for the app (via React Navigation).

photo of the game The Ant's Knapsack, including the room you're in, the items inside, a control panel, your inventory, a map of all the rooms, a leaderboard for high scores, and a chat room to talk to other players.

The Ant's Knapsack

Multi-user Dungeon style game. This game was built in 4 days with a remote team of 5 developers. I focused on Frontend, conditional rendering in vanilla JS, authentication pages, and rendering things to the HTML canvas via PIXI using game loop logic.

representation of a site that allows users to look at different styling options and libraries

Basic Styling

I made this project in hopes to help fellow Lambda School students (and anyone else) new to styling, having a hard time selecting a style library or method of styling. This site allows users to view different options such as Material-UI, Semantic-UI, and custom SASS. It also displays the source code for both styling and JSX to help the user understand how the styling was set up. Built using React, managing routing via React Router.

photo of the database architecture layout of the tables in the TripSplit backend, showing pointers to foreign keys

Trip Split API

This project was built in 4 days with a remote team of 6 developers. I was solely in charge of creating the backend API. The product vision is an app that allows users to split expenses while on "trips" together. I built the backend using Node.js, Express.js, Knex.js, and utilizing a PostgreSQL database, hosted on Heroku.

representation of a site that allows you to draw by clicking and dragging your mouse, with wild colors and shapes

Draw Something

A fun side project to practice Creative Coding and get experience using HTML5 canvas. Simply click and drag the mouse to draw on the canvas. This was heavily inspired by one of the projects in JavaScript 30 and was one of my first attempts at creating something in JS. Built in vanilla JavaScript using the HTML5 canvas.